You Tube Channel Art PSD Template | Queen Creek Photographer

Other than a few Facebook posts and Instagram photos I'm pretty in the dark about all other Social Media. However, since starting up my photography business, I've wanted to branch out for maximum exposure. Everything's been coming together pretty smoothly until I came to adding Channel Art to my You Tube Channel. I looked everywhere for something that would allow me to easily drag and drop some photos to make something that looked nice and also fit into the skinny little space without chopping up a picture horribly. I had no luck! Maybe there is something out there, but I couldn't find it. So I bit the bullet and just made my own Photoshop template. It works for what I need.

I figured I would share a template with anyone that needs it. It's not the exact one that I used (I accidentally deleted the first one!) but it's very similar. Download by clicking here.